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    Exclamation Sencha Package Build Not Generating Correct Sprites?

    Sencha Package Build Not Generating Correct Sprites?

    We've created several new themes which extend the classic theme. We're setting the base variables and everything is looking great except the sliced images. Some of the images are being colored properly, but others (tools-sprites.gif in particular) are still the standard blue color. Is this a known issue, or should this be working? If it should be working, where would be the best place to look? The theme.html that's generated doesn't include tool sprites but everything except the triggers seem to be colored correctly on that page.

    Here is an example screenshot from that page. The trigger coloring is an issue but the tool sprite is the most important to us.



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    The slicer does not handle creation of icons for tools, combobox triggers etc. The slicer currently only creates images for the rounded corners and background-gradients of components.

    For themes that are based on the classic theme you'll have to create icon images yourself.

    The good news is that neptune uses a different strategy for icons. In the neptune theme icons are all gray with partial transparency, so they blend into whatever their backround is. If you extend neptune you can
    achieve an attractive looking theme without having to manually create any icons.
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