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    Default Answered: How to manually call resize on a changed Viewport

    Answered: How to manually call resize on a changed Viewport

    Hi all,

    I spent about 3-4 hours fighting with this, and maybe someone can point me what Im missing!

    I use extgwt(its un older project) and I have extended the Viewport which dose window resize tracking
    in a class like this

    public class MainFrame extends Viewport {

    final BorderLayout layout = new BorderLayout();

    code where border layout components are added

    public void fireMainViewResize(){
    // onWindowResize(Window.getClientWidth(), Window.getClientHeight());


    In one of the components, which is added in the viewport as a BorderLayout.Left, on runtime(after initial show) I add some child components and this makes perent component to incrise in its y size. This is all expected. After this I want to re-draw the component so it can addopt to this new size and fit the viewport size again.

    I tried calling layout, layout(force=true) but dose nothing.
    Then I tried calling window resize on the Viewport with a layout(force), also nothing.

    If I manualy resize the browser all get adopted to the viewport size, so I cannot find out what else is actually called when the browser is relly resized.

    I did a try to call all the related Window.resizeHandlers by jsni methods because they are not visible,
    once like this:

    private native void fireManulaWindowResize() /*-{
    try {
    $wnd.console.log("fireManulaWindowResize start");
    $wnd.onresize(new Object());
    $wnd.console.log("fireManulaWindowResize end");

    } catch (err){
    $wnd.console.log("Error on manual call for resize: " + err);


    and like this

    private native void fireManulaWindowResize() /*-{
    try {
    $wnd.console.log("fireManulaWindowResize start");;
    $wnd.console.log("fireManulaWindowResize end");

    // $wnd.alert("$wnd.resized");

    } catch (err){
    $wnd.console.log("Error on manual call for resize: " + err);


    No exception in the calles, but the added handleres are never executed...

    Someone idea on how to force the viewport to re-renderer(re-calculate) its children sizes and paint again?

    Tnx for any idea,

  2. Ok after a lot of fight, I found a solution.
    The size for the component was somehow counted as not changed.
    With a call to getOffsetHeigt() to remember the height before adding new components, and setting the same size after with a calling to layout(force) did the job. Seems like the size was not tracked correct in the listeners...

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