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    Default Size stage is not the same in smartphone

    Size stage is not the same in smartphone

    stage size is not the same in smartphone
    I have my stage set to 320x416 and when I look at the animation on an iPhone the width and height are large then the stage that I set. I have the ability to scroll left, right, up and down. This might be a zoom issue but I don't thinks. here is the URL http://www.newarkmuseum.org/tibet_mobile/ mua ban nha dat

    For example if you rotate the iPhone the start screen should go back to center.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi tuananhpl1,

    iPhone (and other mobile phones) render a webpage according to their current viewport. Setting the size of the stage will not change that. You can look into adjusting the size of viewport to match the size of your animation, or alternatively adjust the size of your animation to match available rendering space in Safari on iOS.

    For more information see this thread:

    and also http://developer.apple.com/library/i...eViewport.html

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