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    Default Unanswered: Accessing Socket.io from a Node JS server

    Unanswered: Accessing Socket.io from a Node JS server

    The particular application I'm working on is going to require importing some data on a server running Node JS and then piping it through to the Socket.io data store.

    My hunch is that it would be technically possible to access the socket.io data from a server running Node since it seems to just be a layer between Socket.io and the Sencha data model.

    I'm wondering if it is possible to do?

    Does anyone have an example of how sending data to Sencha.io from the server-side would be done?
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    Your node.js server can pretend to be a 'device'. You can include the Sencha.io SDK in your node.js code and then use the API just like a client App would. The only tricky bit is that the SIO SDK is based on Sencha Touch... which means that you need to include a build of Sencha Touch. However, when ST starts up it will probe its environment trying to determine which browser its running in. So you'll need to stub out a few things to stop it from bailing out.


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