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    Default Answered: Individual loading spinnies

    Answered: Individual loading spinnies

    I've searched around for this, but haven't found what I need.

    Basically, I have a dataview or list which loads a number of images dynamically from an external feed (kindof like a facebook wall).
    I have a loading indicator which displays while the store loads, no problem.
    What I want is to show little loading spinnies on any images that are in the feed, while they are downloading. Currently, to show the images i'm using a DIV with a background image - here's a snippet (i've cut out a bunch of irrelevant stuff):
    itemTpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
                '<div class="itemcontainer">',
                '<div class="photo" style="background-image:url({ImageURL})"><img /></div>',
    I'm thinking I can use a Ext.Img for every image in the feed, and maybe apply a mask to each instance, but not sure how to do that within XTemplate. Maybe there's an easier way?

    Any help appreciated

  2. Hi,

    I worked out a solution that works pretty well using a loading gig image....I searched on google for one I liked. I forget exactly how I set it up without looking at my code but I think I setup a class in CSS like this:

    .loadingimage {

    Then in my Ext.img I set the the background cls as loading image. From memory this is key as you have the loading image as a background image and then the actual image loads ontop.

    Hope this helps,


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