I'm trying to compile my app, have been able to figure out a few of the errors and warnings, but am having a hard time with this one: Uses reference had no matching files (Ext.DomHelper) -- C:\wwwroot\MyApp\vendor\extjs\src\AbstractComponent.js:29120

Here's the exact command I'm running:
sencha compile -classpath=app,vendor/extjs/src,vendor/CryptoJS,vendor/deftjs,vendor/BoxSelect/src,vendor/extjs/examples/ux/form -ig vendor/extjs/src/core/examples page -in=index.php -out=build/index.php
My guess is it can't find the file because AbstractComponent.js has the "uses" command including Ext.DomHelper, but that's more of an alias, there's no file in the extjs/src folder named DomHelper.js. But not sure how I can get around that. Any ideas? Am running Ext JS 4.1.1 and did not generate the app with Sencha Cmd, it was an exsiting app.