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    Default straightforward question re: app.js build

    straightforward question re: app.js build

    After hours of testing, each time I try to compile my MVC app in extjs4.2.1 using the latest CMD, the final ext-classes file has my app.js in it, but does not seem to parse the requires for my MVC. ie, ext-classes.js contains ext framework, but none of my local framework(s) (in this case found in app/ and mux/).

    My requirement should be simple enough: how to do I create an ext-classes.js that includes all ext files required, and my files in both app/ and mux/, as directed by app.js?

    My index.html contains:
    PHP Code:
          <!-- <x-compile> -->            
    <!-- <
    x-bootstrap> -->            
    script type="text/javascript" src="extjs/ext-debug.js"></script>            
    <!-- </x-bootstrap> -->        
    <script type="text/javascript" src="app.js"></script>        
    <!-- </x-compile> --> 
    (I have tried with ext-all, and ext-dev)
    The CMD I use, as suggested by single-page creation guide is:

    sencha compile -classpath=extjs/src,app,mux page -yui -in index.html -out build/index.html

    When I do this, none of my MVC code appears in the final ext-classes.js file.

    I know this should be as simple as it goes, but for the life of me cannot figure out the issue. Note, I have placed my app.js in the root directory, and also tried it in app/app.js; I've run the full generate script in case that was required. Nothing I do seems to parse the requires in my app.js (mainly, it requires a controller, which itself requires all the necessary MVC files).

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default sencha app build

    sencha app build

    Try this:

    - use Sencha Cmd to generate a sample app
    - add some dummy code into the sample JS files
    - then build the app using "sencha app build"
    - inspect the classes-all.js your code should be in there
    - then use that template app to add your files and repeat the build

    I think just "sencha compile" will not do it, the build process has multiple steps, after compile there is concat and compress steps, etc

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