What you see in a data store depends on who you are. This requires a login so that the server can grab your stuff.

Problem is I don't see a way to log architect in so that its session is connected to any specific user. This means no data preview in architect which I could live with if it didn't pop up an error message every time I clicked save about not being able to get my data because of the server response (redirects to login)

So I either need a way to:
  1. log in architect, or
  2. prevent it from trying to access my data store unless explicitly asked to make the attempt. or
  3. disable error message display when it fails to access them.
The Red ! is sufficient for me, I don't need a popup dialog on every failure.

How do I accomplish this?

Yes, I have seen the username/password you can put on the proxy, no it never seems to do anything and I don't want to change my code, I want to change Architect to behave in a useful manner.