Required Information

Version(s) of Ext GWT
Sencha GXT 3.0.6

Browser versions and OS
(and desktop environment, if applicable)
  • Firefox 25, Windows 8

Virtual Machine

When you hide a component within the vertical layout container, the total height is not adjusted accordingly.

Run mode

Steps to reproduce the problem
  1. Start the supplied example in development mode in Eclipse
  2. See that the container does not fill the full height

Expected result
The container fills the full height.

Actual result
Unfilled area at the bottom with the same height as the hidden components.

Test case
public class VerticalContainerLayoutHidden implements EntryPoint {

    public final void onModuleLoad() {
        final VerticalLayoutContainer container = new VerticalLayoutContainer();

        final FramedPanel panel = new FramedPanel();
        panel.setHeadingText("Vertical container");

        RootPanel.get().add(panel, 10, 10);

        final TextField textField1 = new TextField();

        final HorizontalLayoutContainer horizontalContainer = new HorizontalLayoutContainer();
        final TextField textField2 = new TextField();
        horizontalContainer.add(textField2, new HorizontalLayoutData(1, 1));

        container.add(textField1, new VerticalLayoutData(1, -1));
        container.add(horizontalContainer, new VerticalLayoutData(1, 30));
        container.add(new TextArea(), new VerticalLayoutData(1, 1));

        panel.setPixelSize(500, 500);