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    Default Simple Web Desktop Base System Ext JS 4

    Simple Web Desktop Base System Ext JS 4

    For who like the Desktop interface, it took a good structured and passed this base (http://policenosistemas.com.br/?p=48) to desktop: http://policenosistemas.com.br/?p=185

    This is in MVC CRUD in both Ext JS as part of the PHP (native) and the best is that you are using abstract classes.

    Tried to apply the best practices possible, leave the leaner/short code possible and practical, but simplifying searching for abstracting the maximum development productivity.

    This was done in PHP, but of course, the part of Ext JS can be perfectly applied to other languages ​​backend, requiring only change the url's in AbstractProxy and ready.

    Features CRUD:

    - Layout Web Desktop using overrides;
    - Latest version of Ext JS;
    - Latest version of Sencha Cmd;
    - Part of the totally abstract PHP;
    - Part of the Ext JS totally abstract;
    - Using the best possible practices recommended by Sencha;
    - Layout friendly;
    - Accompanies menu, opening the modules in tabs;
    - Accompanies script to build complete code for sending the output;
    - Applying use of overrides;
    - Applying usage ux;
    - Applying use of sass;
    - Accompanies Ext.ux.Alert ux;

    Before running the project, has Sencha Cmd installed and execute the file script/build.sh (build.bat to Windows user) or navigate the terminal to the project folder and run this command: sencha app build

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    Nice work! Thanks for sharing this with the community.

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