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    Default App for test

    App for test

    I am a student of computer science of the University of Bari I have to do a thesis on testing of mobile applications hybrids.

    Is there anyone who is developing an application with sencha that would give me the source code for testing the application is already running?

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    Default You can use this...

    You can use this...

    I will start out by saying that I am biased, because I personally made the testing tool HTML5 Robot.

    As a part of this tool I made several example Ext JS 4 applications that it tests (http://html5robot.com/1.2/extjs/), and otherwise used the Sencha Touch kitchen sink for testing purposes (http://docs.sencha.com/touch/2.3.0/t...ink/index.html).

    This tools gives you 2 ways to test an HTML, Ext JS 4, or Sencha Touch application:
    1. Using Java (here is a video)
    2. Using Gwen, a human-style language with its own IDE (here is a video)
    For example if you were wanting to find the Ext JS grid row containing the text "Foo", you could do the following in Java:

    ...and you could do the following in Gwen:

    extjsgridrow by text "Foo"
    There is otherwise a lot of documentation on how to access Sencha Touch and Ext JS based components for testing purposes on the website, as well as having the example applications as a part of the installer.

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