Have folks heard of http://bower.io yet? It's a package manager for Javascript, allows developers to keep their JS dependencies up-to-date. I couldn't imagine why it would be helpful until I used it a few times and am completely sold on it now.

Sencha Marketplace is also very cool. By promoting the ecosystem, users get a single stop to see what is available to plug into their ExtJS apps. It's not everything that's available, but there are a lot of polished extensions there. Uniquely, it allows small developers to generate revenues through a validated storefront.

I think creating two-way compatibility between these systems would be genius. ExtJS extensions that are published to Bower could automatically be listed in Marketplace, and developers that want to use Marketplace extensions along with other extensions will know that they are always getting the latest with the least amount of work by simply using Bower for everything. Both ecosystems would create valuable visibility for the other, and all developers would benefit. It's much the same role that Maven Central plays for the Java ecosystem.

I'd love to hear what the creators of Marketplace think about this! I know it might seem counterintuitive or like a step backwards, but part of maintaining the highest relevancy is about making things most convenient for developers to succeed. This seems like a great way to do it.