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    Default Confused with so many license models...

    Confused with so many license models...

    Hello everybody!
    First: Sorry about my bad english. I'm german, graduate shool for about more then 30 years and do not really need my english often.

    We have some problems to understand the license models for "ExtJS". Maybe there is anybody who can help me? Maybe someone who could talk with me in german?

    Our little company produced archive-software with documents, invoices etc. on CD/DVD for the tax office. There with we would use the framework ExtJS with our GUI on every CD/DVD to show the pdf-files. Framework is unchanged on every CD/DVD.

    1. Which license did we need?
    2. Did we need a license for every CD/DVD?

    With another project we would like to use the framework in a website for just one customer, who would find his documents over the nonpublic internet. The framework is unchanged too and the ExtJS would be used by our browser GUI.

    1. Which license did we need?
    2. Could we combine a license for all projects?

    Thanks to all for your patience.

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    Frank, thanks for your interest in Sencha!

    Our products are licensed to named developers, so this allows you to deploy an unlimited number of applications to your customers for them to use, subject to the terms of our commercial license agreement. This is detailed here: http://www.sencha.com/legal/license-overview.

    This means you don't need to have a deployment license for Ext JS.

    So you can either purchase Ext JS for your developers, or if you want to make use of any of our other tools such as Sencha Architect or do any mobile development using Sencha Touch, then we have a bundle called Sencha Complete.

    I've sent you a private message with my contact details, should you have any further licensing questions.
    Daniel Gallo
    Sales Engineer
    Sencha Inc.

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