I'm having two problem, maybe related, with my SA:

1) My current project works just fine, I can do almost everything inside Architect but "build" the project,
if I try I get the following error:
webBuild: Architect does not have Cmd installed.
If I try to build the project from a CLI with "Sencha app build production" the build goes smooth
and no error or warning are displayed.
Even if it says that no Cmd is installed in the "About box" I see:
channel: 3.2-stable
framemork: Ext JS 5.1.x
and, in the "Output" pane, I can see:
"C:/Users/dario/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" -debug service start
C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaArchitect3>echo ""C:/Users/dario/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" -debug service start"
""C:/Users/dario/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" -debug service start"<br>
C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaArchitect3&gt;echo<br>
ECHO is on.<br>
C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaArchitect3&gt;"C:/Users/dario/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" -debug service start<br>
Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.39<br>
[DBG] Loading configuration from C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaArchitect3<br>
[DBG] Scanning for extensions in C:\Users\dario\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\extensions<br>
[DBG] Loaded extension: C:\Users\dario\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\extensions\cmd-packager<br>
[DBG] Loaded extension: C:\Users\dario\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\extensions\sencha-compass<br>
[DBG] Loaded extension: C:\Users\dario\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\extensions\sencha-fashion<br>
[DBG] Loaded extension: C:\Users\dario\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\extensions\sencha-licenses<br>
[DBG] Loaded extension: C:\Users\dario\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\extensions\sencha-service<br>
The project originated in Ext Js 4.2 and has been converted to 5.0 and next to 5.1.

2) If I try to create a new project everything goes fine up to the point where I try to save
the project, at this point I get:
Architect build tools is missing dependencies required to function.
Please see Preferences -> Dependencies
When I open the Dependencies window it does not immediately list the Ruby, Java etc. packages,
after a few seconds this packages are listed with the green "Installed" flag, but, even if I click "save"
the problems remains.
In the Project Settings -> Framework window the "Build Tools" cannot be "Enabled".

If I click "Enable" I get the above error and the option remains "Disabled".

Please note that an almost identical installation on my MBP does not have any of these problems.

Any suggestion ?