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    Red face [SOLVED]Unchecked check box parameter is not submitted when a form is submitted

    [SOLVED]Unchecked check box parameter is not submitted when a form is submitted

    Hi all,

    I'm working on a form with checkbox, when I submitted the form, I found that the checkbox parameter is missing in the request parameter list when the checkbox is bot checked.

    Then I checked the form.getValues() method, this method also is not giving the parameter when the check box is not checked.

    When I went into the source code it is taking me to YAHOO.util.Connect.setForm(), there I found the following piece of code

    switch (oElement.type){
    case 'checkbox':
    this._sFormData += encodeURIComponent(oName) + '=' + encodeURIComponent(oValue) + '&';

    Can any one tell me why the check box value is not attached to the formData if it is not checked? What is the logic behind it? And What should I do to get the value of a unchecked chechbox?

    Thank you
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    This is how HTML works.

    You know the value. The value of a checkbox is whatever you set the value to when the checkbox was created. The information that changes is whether it is checked or unchecked. If it is unchecked the input is not submitted.

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