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    Default Wait for mask() to load?

    Wait for mask() to load?

    Hello there,

    this is my first post, so I would like to thank you for your work on gxt! I've already recommended gxt to my company and other developers

    My goal is to use a mask to prevent user input while a time consuming operation is performed.

      private class SelectAllDialogClickListener implements ClickListener {
        public void onClick (Widget sender) {
          mypanel.el().mask("Loading articles...");
          ListStore<BaseModel> store = mypanel.getStore();
          for (BaseModel model : store.getModels()) {
            model.set("checked", true);
    But when I click on the Button this Listener is added to, the store update blocks the whole application and the mask is not being rendered (that is my subjective view).

    The idea: this onclick method should change the Boolean "checked" on my BaseModel objects, which is rendered using a Checkbox column, this is very slow, so I want to display a mask and use the Disable event to disable all child elements.

    Is this not possible in Java, but only in JS?
    I would be really grateful for your help.

    Good day.
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