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    Thumbs up ext.ux.ofcgxt - ChartWidget

    ext.ux.ofcgxt - ChartWidget

    UPDATE 13/02/2009 : Valentine's Day release - v1.3.0 new multi-model providers/store - sync with 1.3 of OFCGWT.
    UPDATE 24/12/2008 : Xmas eve release - v1.2.1 new model providers, new autoscale and label strategy.
    UPDATE 14/12/2008 : v1.2 released synced with OFCGWT (new charts/onclick)
    UPDATE 18/10/2008 : beta4 released with new charts and fixes

    OpenFlashChart widget for GXT ->

    ChartWidget wraps a flash chart object and adds support for model/store and integrates as a normal GXT widget.

    Instructions and details on the google code website link above.

    enjoy !!

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