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    There was nothing to go on.

    As I said, grids have scroll bars unless you affect them in some way. Either with CSS, or something else. There was no clue in your code, no way to get into the problem.

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    Post Thank You for the Clarification

    Thank You for the Clarification

    Well Animal, I can certainly see where there was a definite breakdown in communication between you and I. Your brief statements provided me no clue as to the reason I was not getting favorable responses to my request for assistance. It seemed to me that you were making a number of assumptions about how I should interpret your comments, but I had no idea as to the reasons you, or anyone else for that matter, would not help me.

    I have seen a drastic difference between the manner my posts are treated in the Ext JS forum and in Experts Exchange (howbeit EE is a pay forum). When I made my post in EE I received almost immediate attention. The experts asked me for references so as to be able to access my site. They examined the code and offered a workaround solution which worked. For assistance like that, I am more than happy to pay.

    I, unlike many who utilize the Ext JS library, am not an IT expert. The reason I post questions in these forums is because I need clear assistance with my problems, from people who will clearly explain what they need from me in order to assist me with my problem.

    I am sorry you and I got off to a rough start. I hope we can still work together in the future.

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    Sorry to drag up an old thread but this thread bothered me. I just wanted to mention that Animal's first post was a link...


    If you look at the link, and actually read it, it says...

    When seeking help in the forums I highly recommend simplifying your proof of concept to the bare bones...
    If you would have read that after his first response (the link), I feel you should have said, "oh oops. sorry, here let me simplify my question."

    At that point you would have gone into your code and broken it down so that you could find the exact location where you create the grid, and create the containing panel. Perhaps as you were simplifying things you would have found your problem.

    I have not looked at your code, but from the screenshot I imagine you did something like an auto-height on the grid and a fixed height on the containing panel. But, with the 378 lines of code that's crazy to expect people to dig out your problem.

    Line 306 says Height: 500
    Then you have renderTo: "gridWrapper1"

    We don't even know what gridWrapper1 is from the code you posted. Maybe you have a fixed height on it? Not sure.

    Finally, if you look at your screenshot you can see on the right side of your grid there is a margin of about 20 px that is where the vertical scrollbar would show up if the grid needed a scrollbar. But, the grid doesn't need the scrollbar since it thinks it's tall enough to contain the data. You're just clipping the container some how.

    Just my two cents. Again sorry for digging up an old thread.


    Edit: P.S. I still don't know how to force a grid to render a vertical scroll bar. That is why I found this thread while searching the forums. My grid doesn't need the scrollbars, but sometimes it acquires enough data that it needs scrollbars and poof they show up. But I'd prefer that instead of them showing up sometimes and not other times that they stay rendered yet disabled.


    Update: ONE SOLUTION

    Did find one solution for this... http://www.extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20189

    Ultimately I added an ID to my grid, then used this CSS...
    #contact_grid_id .x-grid3-scroller { overflow-y: scroll; }

    This solved my problem of forcing the scrollbars to always be present. But the problem this fella was having was clipping. But, he asked about forcing the vertical scrollbar to show. So, I figured I'd add my solution for it.

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    Default My $0.02

    My $0.02

    Just faced and solved this exact problem in my older ExtJS 3.x based site.
    Animal, you are correct, grids do provide their own scrollbar, and you probably messed up if they are not showing.

    That said... after 2 years as a paid customer of Sencha and a heavy user of ExtJS, I completely empathize with the poster. Scrollbars are extremely painful in Ext. They. Just. Are.

    Don't get me wrong, I love ext and use it a lot, but any time I get a scrollbar problem I want to cry, since I know it will take a a long time of try-this-and-see-if-works type of coding. And I do understand how they work.

    Many times they won't work, even if you have everything declared correctly, because you are adding a component after layout has been done, and no amount of calling doLayout will help you. You pretty much have to get the height of the parent component and set via a method call to the grid.

    Of course, scrollbars might be easy as pie in 4.x, right? Right?