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    Smile Unanswered: [Ext Core]Ext.ux.MessageSlider

    Unanswered: [Ext Core]Ext.ux.MessageSlider

    MessageSlider is my first simple UX based on Ext Core.
    It's really simple and same effect as the top right corner message slides box of extjs website.

    (** if you extract the attachment but to find lost file extention ('.zip'), please use zip software open/extract it, thanks...)

    -Tested on FF2+, IE7+, Chrome2, Safari3
    -MIT License
    -MessageSlider demo
    -ExtWebPPT demo
    -Git source
    -UX doc

    Example usage:
            Ext.onReady(function() {
                new Ext.ux.MessageSlider('msg-slider-section', {
                    displayIndex : 3,
                    intervalTime : 5,
                    items : [{
                        content: 'Ext Carousel example »',
                        url: '',
                        tip: 'The Carousel example provides a widget for browsing a set of objects',
                        target: 'show-example'
                    }, {
                        content: 'Ext JSONP example »',
                        url: '',
                        tip: 'The JSONP example shows how you can fetch JSON data from a different domain',
                        target: 'show-example'
                    }, {
                        content: 'Ext Core 3.0 - API Documentation',
                        url: ''
                    }, {
                        content: '<img src="images/ext-site-logo.gif" />',
                        url: '',
                        tip: 'Welcome to'
    *Besides using config options, you may use custom event as well.
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