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    Default [REOPEN-103][3.0.0] DD of Resizable does not listen to constrainTo

    [REOPEN-103][3.0.0] DD of Resizable does not listen to constrainTo

    On the ExtJS examples page of Resizables, run:
    var div = Ext.DomHelper.insertBefore(document.body.firstChild, {
        tag: "div",
        style: "background:#ff0;width: 200px;height: 300px;"
    var img = Ext.DomHelper.append(div, {
        tag: "img",
        src: "zack.jpg",
        height: 100
    var transparent = new Ext.Resizable(img, {
        wrap: true,
        dynamic: true,
        draggable: true,
        constrainTo: div
    I am expecting the Resizable, when draggable, not to be able to be dragged out of the constrainTo area.

    transparent.dd.constrainTo(transparent.constrainTo); is a possible patch
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