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    Question GridPanel - "Persist" all the data

    GridPanel - "Persist" all the data


    I'm asking for a little bit of help (@ Ext 2.2.1).

    I would like, in a grid that has loaded data, "persist" all the modification done to the data in this grid.

    I need that because I have a formPanel, and a part of the data represented by this formPanel is a list. So I would like to be able to save the form and the modification done to the list within a single request !

    I did that in the past by having a div in a <form> in the HTML page, and by generating (with jquery) hidden inputs for each row in the list. I wonder if there is a clean solution to do that, with a FormPanel.

    To do that, I need those information :
    • The new elements (easy to do -> negative id)
    • The modified elements (flag or something?)
    • The deleted elements (?)
    What is the right way to do that ?

    Thank you a lot for your help !

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    Does it really need to be a form? Can't you use a simple XHR request?

    Something like:
    var data = [];
    Ext.each(store.getModifiedRecords(), function(r){
      url: '...',
      jsonData: data,
      success: function(){
      failure: function(){
    For deleted records there is a trick:
    Instead of deleting the record set a field ('status'?) in the record to 'deleted' (and for new records set the status to 'added').
    Next, in the grid viewConfig write a getRowClass that returns a css class for deleted records with a display:none css rule (this will hide the row).

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