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    Default [2.3.0] Chrome hangs - EditorGrid,JsonStore, ComboBox

    [2.3.0] Chrome hangs - EditorGrid,JsonStore, ComboBox

    Hi all,

    Chrome: v2.0.172.43
    ExtJS: v2.3.0

    I've been struggling for a few days with a bug in Chrome. At first I thought it was my error, but I've got an idea today and I was able to reproduce it in the edit grid example.

    I think it might be a bug in Chrome, but I think it's better if somebody more educated decides that.

    Basically, the bug comes down to editable grid, combo with jsonstore and doubleclicking / clicking on the 'no more rows area' (imagine you have a grid with only 2 items inside, the 'no more rows area' is below the 2nd row, no more data/rows after that). It's the yellow area on the picture.

    I've created an example based on edit-grid example.
    There are also picture with what to do, to reproduce the bug.

    Also, are my combobox options ok... maybe there's somewhere a problem?

    This + shortening plants.xml is the only thing I've changed
            var cm = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([{
            id: 'common',
            header: "Common Name",
            dataIndex: 'common',
            width: 220,
            editor: new fm.TextField({
                allowBlank: false
            header: "Light",
            dataIndex: 'light',
            width: 130,
            editor: new Ext.form.ComboBox({
                allowBlank: false,
                displayField: 'al_name',
                valueField: 'al_code',
                store: new{
                    url: 'res.php',
                    baseParams: {
                        start: 0,
                        limit: 5,
                        sort: 'al_code',
                        dir: 'ASC'
                    fields: ['al_code', 'al_name']
                mode: 'remote',
                enableKeyEvents: true,
                editable: true,
                resizable: true,
                forceSelection: true,
                triggerAction: 'all',
                selectOnFocus: true,
                emptyText: '-',
                listWidth: 'auto',
                minListWidth: 'auto',
                typeAhead: true
    Json Response
          "al_name":"HLX (Hapag-Lloyd Express)"
          "al_name":"Viva Aerobus"
          "al_name":"WebJet Linhas Aereas"
          "al_name":"Amber Air"
    The bug is not related to data I got back in a Json.

    Please see pictures.
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