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    Default Tree recursive search

    Tree recursive search

    I've been developping this functionnality for a project I'm working on, and I though it might be usefull to someone.
    With this small code you can search in any opened node (similar to the CTRL + F function of any program), it searches the next node corresponding to the text you typed.
    But i also added the partial search: use * to match any part of a word --> *word (the searched text ends with the searched word), *word* and word*
    You can easily disable this by removing the red part of the code.
    This code isn't fully perfect, it doesn't take into account any special character used in regexp, if you want it to be safe you should add a filter for these characters (ex: replace * by \*)
    I used a statusbar for the search field and buttons:

                bbar: new Ext.ux.StatusBar({
                    defaultText: statusMessage,
                    id: 'right-statusbar',
                    statusAlign: 'right', // the magic config
                    items: [{
                        xtype: 'textfield',
                        blankText: "Enter a word to search...",
                        id: "searchField",
                        width: 150,
                        listeners: {
                            'focus' : function(){
                                var statusBar = Ext.getCmp('right-statusbar');
                                    text:'Hint: Use * for a partial search.'
                        xtype: 'button',
                        text: "Search", 
                        id: "searchButtonOpened",
                        scope: this, 
                        handler: loadFn.createCallback('searchButtonOpened')
    The callback function :
    var loadFn = function(btn){
            btn = Ext.getCmp(btn);
            var searchText = Ext.getCmp('searchField').getValue();
            if( == 'searchButtonOpened') {
                if(searchText.substring(searchText.length-1,searchText.length)=="*") {
                        searchText = searchText.replace('*','');
                        searchText = "^"+searchText.replace('*','');
                } else if(searchText.substring(0,1)=="*")
                    searchText = searchText.replace('*','')+"$";
                var tree = Ext.getCmp('tree');
                var searchRoot = tree.selModel.selNode || Ext.getCmp('tree').root; // if no selection use root node
                var searchedNode = searchInAllNodes(searchRoot,searchText,;
                if(searchedNode) { // if match found, select the node
                } else { // else restart search from root (loop)
                    var searchRoot = Ext.getCmp('tree').root;
                    var searchedNode = searchInAllNodes(searchRoot,searchText,;
                    if(searchedNode) {
                    } else { // if no match found at all
                        var statusBar = Ext.getCmp('right-statusbar');
                            text:'No result'
    And finally the recursive search function :

    function searchInAllNodes(n,txt,ignoreId){
            var cleanTxt = txt.toLowerCase().replace('*','').replace('$','').replace('^','');
            if(!=ignoreId && n.text.toLowerCase().match(txt.toLowerCase()) && n.text.toLowerCase().match(cleanTxt)) {
                return n;
            } else {
                if(!n.hasChildNodes() && n == n.parentNode.lastChild) { // si le noeud n'a pas d'enfants et est le dernier de la branche
                    if(n.parentNode.nextSibling != null) {
                        var res = searchInAllNodes(n.parentNode.nextSibling,txt,ignoreId);
                        if(res != 0) // si on retourne autre chose que 0 --> bingo
                            return res;
                        return 0;
                    } else
                        return 0;
                } else {
                    for(var i=0; i<n.childNodes.length; i++)
                        var res = searchInAllNodes(n.childNodes[i],txt); // check dans chaque noeud enfant
                        if(res != 0) // si on retourne autre chose que 0 --> bingo
                            return res;
                    if(n.nextSibling != null) {
                        var res = searchInAllNodes(n.nextSibling,txt,ignoreId);
                        if(res != 0) // si on retourne autre chose que 0 --> bingo
                                return res;
                    return 0; // si on n'a eu que des 0, on retourne 0
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