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    Default Datapicker component

    Datapicker component

    We need a new feature on the Datapicker component, we need to be able to set a Date as a bank holiday or weekend or any other special day using different styles. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in adavance for any help

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    you can extend the DatePicker class and add:

    a) for weekend:
    make a list for weekdays and the stylename and if it is disabled

    b) for special days
    make a list for dates and the stylename and if it is disabled

    then overwrite this method to your needs:

    PHP Code:
    private void setCellStyle(Element cellDate dlong sellong minlong max) { 

    if you have a solution pls post the code.
    This forum needs your help: you got hints from the community and now you have fixed your code? dont just reply with "now its fixed" or "i found the error"! please take the time to post also an detailed answer with the working code.

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