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    Default Ext.ux.form.CheckboxCombo


    This is very similar to Saki's LovCombo extension (, however it extends TriggerField rather than ComboBox and uses a CheckboxGroup internally rather than templates.

    Features Include:
    • Supports mostly all the same config options as a regular combobox
    • Works fine as a grid editor
    • Supports keyboard navigation
    • Tested in Chrome, FF, and IE8

    getValue() will return data like 'value,value,value', and you can use setValue() similarly, ie. checkboxCombo.setValue('value,value,value');

    As always, feedback is appreciated. Have fun with it!

    Download is available at:

    * UPDATE 12/30/2010 *
    Minor bug fixes
    Added template support to more closely mimic a regular combobox
    Added support for a 'change' event which bubbles the change event from the CheckboxGroup
    Incorporated changes submitted by @mitchellsimoens (Thanks Mitchell!)

    * UPDATE 5/6/2010 *
    Some minor speed enhancements
    Moved code over to Google code

    * UPDATE 4/22/2010 *
    Fixed a couple bugs, corrected issues with maxHeight, and triggerAction = 'all'
    Also now includes minified versions of the js and css files
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    - Clint Nelissen