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    Exclamation Dynamically generate and populate a FormPanel

    Dynamically generate and populate a FormPanel

    Hi All,

    The question has already been asked a fair bit on the internet but I couldn't get my hands on a solution that actual works.

    What i'm trying to achieve is the following:

    1. retrieve a json array using ajax which contains the definition of the form to generate
    2. parse that array and add into a FormPanel all required TextField
    3. render the result into the interface

    At the moment I'm pretty much adding text fields to the FormPanel using the add() function (i.e. form.add(field)). The TextField becomes visible on the page but when I submit the form by clicking on the button, the content of that field does not get posted to my server.

    Any solution or workarounds?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Hi, I'm currently working on the same thing - I haven't got it completely figured yet, as I'm still in the process of getting all the elements configured how I need them, but perhaps this thread will help you. If I figure it out, I'll try to remember to let you know how I did it.


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    i created a very easy example. The form is generated by a php file where i randomly create fields.
    PHP Code:
    $out = array();
    $fieldTypes = array('input','textarea','int','checkbox');
    if (
    $action) {
        if (
    $action === 'getForm') {
            for (
    $i 0$i 10$i++) {
    $out['data'][] = 
    'name' => 'field' . ($i+1),
    'label' => 'Field ' . ($i+1),
    'type' => $fieldTypes[rand(0,3)],
    'value' => 'V' rand(11119999)
    Online example with source:
    vg Steffen
    Release Manager of TYPO3 4.5

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    I'm actually *thinking* about something very similar for an ongoing project.

    Nothing I can add to your knowledge at this time, apart from the fact that in such case I would concentrate in client side checking rules.

    When you're in need of creating the form dinamically, there's also a very high chance that this form is going to be very complex and require complex validation rules, which would be nice to implement at client side as well.

    Also, to keep it even more complex, there might be a strong need to show some fields only if some other fields exists/has a certain value.


    if (comboBox.value == '3') {
    } else {

    If you're developing some kind of 'standard' I think you should not avoid such a features, or at least plan for them.


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    Hello Friends,
    I think now anyone of you might got this answer...
    I am also stuck here for the same situation. Please give reply on my thread.
    Please please do some help. I am assuming that you solved your problem as this thread is very old

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