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HTML5 is Ready App Contest FAQ

  1. If the app is on Google Play or Apple Store, is it eligible for the contest?
  2. Yes, absolutely as long as they are built with a Sencha framework. We are looking for apps that really innovate and show the full power of HTML5. That said, we expect the judges will favor apps that are fresh and original. (Remember, however that you must have a web version of your app available for judging.)

  3. Can I submit the app to Google Play or Apple Store later on?
  4. Sure, you retain ownership of the app regardless of whether you win or not, so you are free to submit it to the stores. See contest rules for full details.

  5. Can I submit more than one app?
  6. Yes, though focusing on quality is probably a better strategy than aiming for quantity. We expect the winning apps will be sophisticated and innovative, and will likely reflect significant investments of development time.

  7. Do I have to submit my app to one of the six provided categories?
  8. Not necessarily. The six categories are starter ideas that express the kind of functional apps the judges will likely favor, so beginning with that core functionality and innovating from there is a good strategy. However, you’re not barred from submitting an app that doesn’t quite fit in one of the six categories. If it is an interesting and functional app that showcases HTML5's full potential in a cool way, feel free to enter it.

  9. Is a game an eligible app type?
  10. We’re specifically looking for apps that are highly functional, and that exercise the breadth of capabilities of HTML5 and the Sencha frameworks. While we’re not specifically excluding games, the judges are likely to favor apps that align with the functional spirit of the six app categories: Weather, To Do/Reminder, Calculator, Stocks, Camera/Photos, and Calendar.

  11. If an API is required, can I develop that in any technology?
  12. Yes. The main technology requirements are that it be an HTML5 app that utilizes a Sencha framework. If you require access to certain device APIs, you can feel free to wrap it with your choice of wrapper to access those device APIs.

  13. Can I submit my app with a zip file instead of providing a URL?
  14. No, an app URL is required with the contest submission form.

  15. Do I need to create a packaged version of my app?
  16. No. You're welcome to create a packaged version of your app, but you will be contacted separately by the judges to provide a private distribution of your application. Preferably, you will also have a web version that you can submit that demonstrates the majority of the functionality in order to streamline judging of your submission. Please note: all app submissions must utilize a Sencha framework.

  17. How will you test my app?
  18. We will test submitted apps on the following devices & browsers running the most up-to-date operating systems available at the time of judging:

    • iPad gen 4 — Mobile Safari
    • iPhone 5 — Mobile Safari
    • Galaxy S3 — Android browser
    • Microsoft Surface — Internet Explorer 10
  19. What are the prize specifics?
  20. Winners will announced the week of March 4, 2013. Cash prizes will be awarded in USD. Device prizes are as follows (if device availability is a problem at time of award, cash equivalent may be awarded at the discretion of Sencha):

    • Apple iPhone 5 32GB
    • Apple iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi 32GB
    • Samsung Galaxy S III 4G 16GB
    • Google Nexus 10 Wi-Fi 32GB
    • Microsoft Surface with Windows RT 32GB with Black Touch Cover
  21. Can I submit a desktop/tablet app?
  22. The judging criteria states that the app must test well on a myriad of devices, including iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Apps may be smartphone only or tablet only, but apps that cross multiple mobile form factors are likely to be given higher scoring.

  23. How do I submit my app?
  24. Simply fill out the short app submission form by February 15, 2013. Winners will be announced the week of March 4, 2013.

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