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Advanced Techniques for Ext Designer

Published Nov 16, 2010 | Aaron Conran | Screencast | Hard
Last Updated Jul 11, 2011

This Screencast is most relevant to , 1.x.

Duration: 36:39

Ext Designer enables developers and non-developers alike to rapidly prototype their UI and Data Stores. In this session from SenchaCon 2010, Aaron Conran show you how to best utilize and integrate the Ext Designer with your project. Discover the features and advanced techniques of the Ext Designer that promote reusable component-oriented development across all of your projects. He'll also show you Ext Designer working with Sencha Touch projects.
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Written by Aaron Conran
Aaron Conran leads the development of Sencha Architect. Aaron has been involved with Sencha since its very beginnings and has an in-depth understanding of Ext JS internals and architecture. He has demonstrated mastery of the Ext JS library and client-side development practices.

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