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An Introduction to Carousels

Published May 31, 2011 | Drew Neil | Screencast | Medium
Last Updated Jul 26, 2011

This Screencast is most relevant to Sencha Touch, 1.x.

Duration: 12:56

This screencast demonstrates how to use Sencha Touch to create carousel-based apps, such as this artist's portfolio. It also gives a brief introduction to the resizing service.
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Written by Drew Neil



4 years ago

Excellent work! Thank you

Ilija Ilievski

4 years ago

Great job! You should change the title of this screencast since it’s much, much more than introduction to carousels.


4 years ago

This is great! Thank you very much smile Screencasts and example code make it so much easier to learn how to use the framework correctly.


4 years ago

This is an incredibly valuable tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to create it.


4 years ago

Loved the “camera trickery”. Still laughing.

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