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An Introduction to the Kitchen Sink

Published Jun 17, 2010 | Michael Mullany | Screencast | Easy
Last Updated Jul 13, 2011

This Screencast is most relevant to Sencha Touch, 0.x.

Duration: 7:22

Michael Mullany runs through an early beta version of the Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink app, demonstrating many of the core capabilities of the framework.

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Written by Michael Mullany
Michael Mullany is Sencha's CEO. He has held various product and executive marketing roles at influential Silicon Valley startups Netscape, Loudcloud, and VMware. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA in economics from Harvard College.


Mfundo Sithole

4 years ago

Hi Michael,

Cant seem to download the Kitchen sink—the above URL sends to some weird blank page.

Please advise.



4 years ago

You need to use a webkit compatible browser Mfundo, i.e. and Firefox are not yet compatible

Mfundo Sithole

4 years ago

Thanks a lot—didnt know this.. I’m kinda knew with mobile dev, and my html in the javascript doesnt seem to show on the browser nor is my buttons working..

Andrew Linton

4 years ago

I want to add multiple audio files… however when you play one of them.. launched from the media list, it continues to play even when you launch another audio element from the same list?? How do you disable one player when you press play on another audio file?

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