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Animator Quickstart

Published Sep 27, 2011 | The Sencha Dev Team | Guide | Easy
Last Updated Jun 04, 2013

This Guide is most relevant to Sencha Animator, 1.x.

Guide guides/quickstart/README.js is not currently available
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Written by The Sencha Dev Team


Bert Carrein

3 years ago

Is it possible to have a stage size which is the full size of your screen? That way I could use devices with other dimensions too.


3 years ago

The export file works just with chrome. IN firefox and IE the waves are positoned on the top and there is no animation

Emma Lampard

3 years ago

Could you give any hint on where to download this software for free? I guess I could use it for giving good animation on my sales presentation. This will truly enhance the marketing liability and attraction.

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