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Drawing and Charting

Published Apr 26, 2011 | The Sencha Dev Team | Guide | Medium
Last Updated Jul 11, 2011

This Guide is most relevant to Ext JS, 4.x.

Guide guides/drawing_and_charting/README.js is not currently available
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Written by The Sencha Dev Team


Craig P

4 years ago

This does not work:

// Add a circle sprite
var myCircle = drawComponent.surface.add({
  type: ‘circle’,
  x: 100,
  y: 100,
  radius: 100,
  fill: ‘#cc5’

Craig P

4 years ago

This tutorial is thoroughly worthless when nothing works, let alone, there is no actual working code product link whatsoever.

You can’t even go to the examples for charts and copy/paste anything into an app.js and run it.


4 years ago

HavenĀ“t try it but… how comes Sencha publishes something non functional… TOOO BAAADDD!!

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