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Intro to Layouts

Published Oct 15, 2010 | Drew Neil | Screencast | Easy
Last Updated Jan 12, 2012

This Screencast is most relevant to Sencha Touch, 1.x.

Duration: 8:34

This screencast describes the basics of how layouts work in Sencha Touch. This tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to understand how to create components and buttons inside their Sencha Touch mobile app.
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Written by Drew Neil



4 years ago

This is a great tutorial. I was able to build a full page for an ipad app using panels.

BTW, which editor are you using to code? It looks like textwrangler, but with tabs at the top and file browser on the left. I could not recognize.

Thank you.


4 years ago

@PD, That’s TextMate (, hands down the best programming editor out there, besides vim of course wink

Drew Neil

4 years ago

That’s right, I use TextMate for these screencasts.

My other editor is a DeLorean (


4 years ago

I think I learned something… except I could not get any of your examples to work…

Maybe there’s something missing between “Hello World” and this tutorial…


4 years ago

This is a great intro video for beginners of Sencha Touch. Thanks.


4 years ago

can you change the movie server?
not look this movie in china!!!


chad swenson

4 years ago

I’m trying to add a couple Carousel panels to a TabPanel.  So that each tab selection will lead to a new Carousel panel.  Is this possible?

chad swenson

4 years ago

Never mind.  I figured it out.  thanks for the awesome tutorial!


4 years ago

Is there any documentation that isn’t a screencast? I much prefer an article I can scroll through to find the relevant information over a long video I have to sit and watch.

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