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Sencha Touch 2 Class System

Published Nov 03, 2011 | Jay Garcia | Screencast | Easy
Last Updated Nov 03, 2011

This Screencast is most relevant to Sencha Touch, 2.x.

Duration: 12:22

In this introductory screencast, Jay Garcia walks you through the very basics of using the Sencha Touch 2 class loader system.
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Written by Jay Garcia
Author of Ext JS in Action and Sencha Touch in Action, Jay Garcia has been an evangelist of Sencha-based JavaScript frameworks since 2006. Jay is also Co-Founder and CTO of Modus Create, a digital agency focused on leveraging top talent to develop high quality Sencha-based applications. Modus Create is a Sencha Premier partner.
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Donald Organ

3 years ago

Awesome screencast.  Love the blooper reel!

Jolien Coenraets

3 years ago

How does it work with parameters? For example if you create a panel class that show an icon with a string below it, and you want to provide the string and icon as parameter to the class on creation?


3 years ago

+5 smile

Awesome work, Jay! I’m playing it again smile Love the ending


3 years ago

Great work Jay!  As @Grgur said, fantastic ending.  I know myself how doing up screen casts can have that effect wink

Jaroslaw Zabiello

3 years ago

The example with Ext.Loader did not work until I have changed

MyApp : ‘js/Panel’   


‘MyApp’ : ‘js/Panel’   


3 years ago


can u please tell me what is the “IDE” u r using?????????????


3 years ago

RAM - the IDE he is using is IntelliJ from


3 years ago

It’s greate Job~!!.
I really want to know simple MVC pattern with Sencha Touch 2.
I saw the Kitchen Sink. but It’s too complicated to me.


3 years ago

great tutorial! I just can’t get the autocomplete work in InteliJ
I downloaded the free version 10.5.2, do you know if that’s the reason why I don’t get auto completion?



3 years ago

Check that off the list of things I was confeusd about.


3 years ago

I followed this tutorial 15 times id say and it still is not working for me! I dont understand why it is not the code is exactly the same!

Juan Manuel Boehme Rodrig

3 years ago

It’s working perfect and the Ide you use is better than dreamweaver(that I use).

I download the trial of Phpstorm and I like It…

thanks for the example It’s so useful
(excuseme my english, I’m spanish)

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