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Published Sep 17, 2010 | The Sencha Dev Team | FAQ | Medium
Last Updated Jul 11, 2011

This FAQ is most relevant to Ext JS, any version.

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Specificing tree node icons

A Tree Node with no children is a leaf node. If you want a node to always have a certain icon, use the iconCls attribute to give it a class name eg:

myNode.appendChild(new Ext.tree.AsyncTreeNode({
    text: "A folder",
    iconCls: "folder"

Then specify appropriate CSS rules, eg:

.x-tree-node img.folder, .x-tree-node-collapsed img.folder{
    background: url("../images/default/tree/folder.gif");
.x-tree-node-expanded img.folder {
    background: url("../images/default/tree/folder-open.gif");

How to remove a child

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4 years ago

hmmm there are only 10 Lines of FAQ???

Jon Cook

4 years ago

Also there is no class: Ext.tree.AsyncTreeNode

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