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XTemplates; part II

Published Oct 28, 2010 | Drew Neil | Screencast | Medium
Last Updated Jan 12, 2012

This Screencast is most relevant to Sencha Touch, 1.x.

Duration: 10:47

This two-part series describes how to use XTemplates, a powerful templating system in Sencha Touch (and Ext JS) that allows developers to easily format views around dynamic data.
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Written by Drew Neil


Scott Salisbury

4 years ago

The second Xtemplate tutorial is not working:

I hope you can get it fixed.


Felipe Jaramillo

4 years ago

The tutorials show up fine for me. They are both excellent. I am impressed with the quality of the content in the Learn section. Thank you.


4 years ago

I’ve been studying Sencha touch to understand if the framework delivers to my requirements. After watching this tutorial I’m getting cold feets. Wrapping html inside a textarea “just because it validates” seams just completely wrong. One part of the HTML5 standard is to provide better semantics. Here you go and do the exact oposite. What’s your comment on that?

Besides this fact, although I think it is a serious flaw, Sencha touch has impressed me very much.

Ilija Ilievski

4 years ago

pure awesome!

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