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Sencha Animator 1.0

“Sencha Animator makes it fast and easy to create high-performance animations for mobile.”

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“Sencha Animator lets designers and animators focus on being creative—they just start animating and see instant results, without having to focus on the underlying code.”

Michael Graves — Michael Graves, Senior Producer of

“I can create animations that are hardware accelerated, have low latency and perform great on devices.”

Ryan Kirkman— Ryan Kirkman, Sr UX Designer, Mobile at SAY Media, Inc.

“We’re designers and Sencha Animator lets us focus on design… We can take a creative idea and build a variety of animations for our clients, so they have more options… in a quarter of the usual development time.”

— Joseph “Kel” Kelter, President of BadCat Design

“If you want to bring life to your website or mobile app, you should definitely check out Animator.”

— Tim Klauck, Project Manager, Antetype

“Animator opens the door for rich, complex animations with HTML5 and CSS3. Also limits the need for extensive programming—a huge cost savings.”

Corey Lansdell— Corey Lansdell, Co-Owner, Illustrator, Pulp Studios Inc.

“The timeline interface is so familiar… creating complex interactions is intuitive. What I’d expect from the people who brought us Ext JS.”

Marc Infield— Marc Infield, Partner, Infield Design

“Sencha Animator changed the way my company creates ads. Web standards and familiar design patterns… [This] powerful tool makes it easy to develop intricate motion graphics for mobile.”

— Tim Stutts, Designer and Founder, Pushpop Design

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