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Sencha Space is a secure, cross-platform environment for your mobile web and HTML5 apps. You can use it to help:

  • Build — Reduce the cost of developing secure, cross-platform mobile apps
  • Deploy — Simplify app deployment for both testing and production
  • Manage — Enforce policies to secure your users, data, and applications

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Centralized Management Console

Enforce cross-platform policy

  • Manage users access entitlements and groups
  • Publish applications easily to specific users and groups
  • Grant and revoke access to specific users and mobile devices as business needs require
Centralized Management Console

Mobile Enterprise Workspace

Deploy secure applications more easily

  • Publish your applications to a managed enterprise application workspace
  • Mobilize and secure any web or HTML5 application
  • Deliver your own HTML5 apps regardless of the underlying frameworks and tools
Mobile Enterprise Workspace

Activity Reporting

Monitor your environment

  • Understand how your users and their devices interact with your apps and data
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of audit and compliance
  • Improve visibility into your environment with interactive dashboards and built-in reporting
Activity Reporting

User Access Control

Manage your users

  • Manage the identity lifecycle of your mobile users and their devices
  • Grant access to applications and data to the right users at the right time
  • Protect the security and integrity of your apps and data by revoking access to specific users and devices
User Access Control

Security icon


Secure Storage

Protect and manage your data

  • Secure your data with strong cryptography
  • Fine-grained key management reduces the risk of data leakage even if an adversary accessed the device
  • Remotely wipe sensitive data from any device
Secure Storage

Single Sign-on

Eliminate multiple logins

  • Reduce the burden of mobile password management
  • Access all apps and data within Sencha Space using a single PIN
  • Simplify authentication and improve the user experience
Single Sign-on

Secure Network Connectivity

Protect data in motion

  • Provide end-to-end connectivity to your data center assets via SSL VPN
  • All communication between the Sencha Space client application and administration console is encrypted using SSL
  • Per-App VPN support helps to protect your resources from rogue mobile apps
Secure Network Connectivity

Device Security

Control how devices access your data

  • Centrally manage device-level access to your organization’s apps and data
  • Block devices and remotely wipe proprietary data from the device as needed
  • Reduce the need for full-device encryption by relying on Sencha Space’s cross-platform secure storage capability
Device Security

App Development icon

App Development

App Development

Developer API

Rich modern user experience

  • Reduce application development time by eliminating redundant code bases across platforms
  • Create truly cross-platform apps with a modern, mobile user experience
  • Access mobile OS and device features such as the camera, GPS, and accelerometer
  • Easily secure data by using Sencha Space’s secure storage API

Inter-App Communication

Connect your apps

  • Streamline your workflow and facilitate app-to-app communication
  • Allow applications to invoke each other and share data securely when needed
  • Create a more seamless user experience