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Licensing and Maintenance & Support FAQs

When should I use a commercial license?

If you’re going to build a commercial application with Sencha products, you must write your application code under the commercial license from the beginning of the application development process.

Can I start my development with a GPLv3 version and then buy a commercial license before I want to release my application?

No, the terms of our commercial license do not allow this. You must choose which license you wish to use (commercial or GPLv3) at the beginning of your development lifecycle.

When do I need a commercial OEM license?

If you are creating your own software developer kit (SDK), web application builder or website builder based on Sencha Ext JS, Sencha GXT, or Sencha Touch, then you need an OEM agreement with Sencha. Please read the license agreement under the Prohibited Use for more information on when an OEM is needed since use cases vary widely, commercial OEM licenses are customized per customer. Contact us to learn more about this option. Full license details are available in our Legal section.

How can I determine which license type is right for me?

How are Sencha products licensed?

Sencha Ext JS, Sencha GXT, and Sencha Touch are licensed under three options: a commercial license, a commercial OEM license, and an open source license (GPL V3). Sencha Complete, Sencha Architect, and Sencha Animator are available under a commercial license and an OEM license. To find out which option is right for you, read more about the appropriate use cases for each of these three licenses in our FAQs below.