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ExtJS221—Essential Ext JS + Sencha Architect Live Online Training

Essential Ext JS is a hands-on Live Online Training course providing an overview of essential Ext JS concepts. Through intensive hands-on labs, you will learn application architecture, how to fetch data from live data feeds, and the use of key user interface components to build a complete application. You will also build applications with Sencha Architect, Sencha’s visual application builder.
Live Online Training courses are done as half-day sessions given by an Ext JS expert, leading from a remote location. There are also daily “office hours” where you can ask questions and get help with labs.

Duration: 5 half-day sessions in 1 week
Cost: $1900/Developer
Location: Your Computer
  • Prior experience developing applications in JavaScript and HTML
  • Familiarity with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Prior experience developing Cascading Style Sheets
Course Outline

Getting Started with Ext JS
  • Reviewing the online docs
  • Loading the Library
  • Introducing Sencha MVC
Sencha Architect
  • Expediting the development of complete Ext JS 4 Applications with Sencha Architect
  • Creating the user interface
  • Models and Stores
  • Controllers
  • The Class System
  • Object Instantiation
  • Components
  • Containers & Layouts
  • Panels, Buttons & Toolbars
  • Windows
Working with Data
  • Defining Models
  • Defining Proxies
  • Defining Stores
  • Ajax
Data-aware Components
  • Templates
  • Dataviews
  • Grids
  • Forms
Going into Production
  • Building your application
  • Internationalization
Setup Requirements

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