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Analyzing the ROI of JavaScript in Enterprise Software Development

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Optimizing Your Current Ext JS Applications for Touch and Tablets

Would you like your Ext JS application to support Touch and Tablet devices, but don't know where to start?

Please join us as Lee Boonstra, Technical Trainer at Sencha shares best practices and techniques for optimizing your existing Ext JS applications with the new touch gestures introduced in Ext JS 5.

What you'll learn...

The difference between Ext JS 5 and Sencha Touch
Implementing new Ext JS 5 Touch features
What to consider before upgrading to Ext JS 5

While there are so many reasons to upgrade your existing Ext JS 4 apps to Ext JS 5, by far, the most exciting is the ability to add support for gestures and events that make your existing app touch-friendly without needing to do a complete rewrite.

Deep Dive into Ext JS 5 Data

With the introduction of Ext JS 5, we have greatly expanded the capabilities of Sencha’s Data Package, which was initially released with Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch 2. The data package is one of the cornerstones of application development: the often neglected “M” (for Model) in the buzzing world of “MVC” and “MVVM”. These new capabilities can be felt throughout the entire application development process.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:
-Declare you data model
-Validate user input
-Manage data sessions

Upgrading to Ext JS 5 - How to Unit Test Your Apps with Siesta

As you prepare for Ext JS 5, it’s time to start reviewing your code base and test coverage to make sure your applications are well tested before you upgrade. Even if you don’t have any tests yet, you can start today and write a few Siesta smoke tests to get started. Setting up your test plans will ensure that your apps are ready, so you can take advantage of all of the new Ext JS 5 features.
Join Mats Bryntse, Founder of Bryntum and Arthur Kay, Developer Relations Manager at Sencha, as they share best practices for testing your apps and preparing to upgrade to Ext JS 5.

What you'll learn in this webinar:
-How unit tests will help you upgrade your apps to Ext JS 5
-How to use Siesta and its new Recorder feature to create UI tests
-How you can add test results to CI tools like TeamCity, showing statistics and code coverage

Application Architecture in Ext JS 5: MVC, MVVM and more!

Application architecture is as much about providing structure and consistency as it is about actual classes and framework code. As enterprise JavaScript applications continue to grow in size, choosing the right architectural pattern from the beginning (MVC, MVVM, etc) can be one of the most important decisions in the development process.

Ext JS 5 introduces support for MVVM and two-way data binding while also maintaining support for MVC. Join Arthur Kay, Developer Relations Manager at Sencha, as he dives deeply into the MVC and MVVM patterns and discusses some best practices for structuring your applications in Ext JS 5.

What you'll learn...

-How MVVM can vastly reduce the amount of application logic you need to write
-How two-way data binding updates your data instantly everywhere
-How views can now often be completely code-free, with declarative listeners

Webinar - Are You Ready for Ext JS 5?

Sencha webinar hosted by Art Kay, Developer Relations Manager at Sencha and Greg Barry, Support and Documentation Lead at Sencha.

In this webinar, you will learn...

-What's new in Ext JS 5
-What has changed between Ext JS 4.x and 5.x
-How to upgrade your apps to Ext JS 5 painlessly

Webinar: Deep Exploration of Sencha Space

Join us for a one-hour webinar hosted by Nick Harlow, Director of Product Management for Sencha Space, and Jason Cline, Sencha Space Engineering Manager.

In this webinar you will learn…

Technical trends and challenges around mobility
Key benefits of Sencha Space
How Sencha Space solves the challenges of BYOD
How Sencha Space differs from existing hybrid application solutions
Device-level options for secure data storage
How to implement the Invoke API to connect web applications with one another

Re-skinning Your Apps Just Got Easier with Sencha Architect 3

Ever had to reskin UI components to match a visual design or brand standard? The new Themes feature in Architect 3 makes changing the look and feel of your app easier than ever.

If you’re familiar with Sass/SCSS, you’ll find this new feature a huge time saver. Architect 3 now allows you to locate and change the different variables and rules that define the visual appearance of the UI components in Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

In this one-hour webinar, Lee Boonstra, Sencha Trainer & Theming Expert, will show you how to:

Load a template and modify it
Customize the look and feel of an app, and see the changes in Architect
Export your template for use on Sencha Market or in other applications

Some working knowledge or experience with Sass/SCSS is recommended, but not required.

Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with Ext JS

Modern enterprise applications need to span functional roles and organizational units to provide seamless, integrated business and user processes. Traditional approaches using SOA-based architectures are effort intensive and fall short of the desired application agility and adaptability. They are expected to have the flexibility to support rapidly changing business and user needs in aggressive time frames.

Sencha ExtJS, with its robust front-end MVC framework and data access capabilities, offers an alternative architectural approach based on front-end, scripted integration that enables building fluid enterprise applications. With front-end integration, it is possible to create feature-rich applications that can evolve to support changing business processes, organizational structures, and new product offerings.

In this webinar, OpenCrowd will demonstrate how front-end integration techniques with Sencha ExtJS can benefit enterprise application development initiatives. We will also share our experience with front-end integration via a reference application and workable approaches to common enterprise application integration needs.
OpenCrowd ( is a design and technology services firm focused on building custom enterprise applications.

Presenters: Brad Buck (Technology Strategy) and Rajiv Sohal (Chief Architect).

Best Practices for Sencha Javascript Applications

Speed up your apps with code reviews

Understanding the thought process behind an application can often cause you to learn something useful. And many times looking at someone else’s code will trigger ideas of your own. That said, code reviews are sometimes fun… but more often frustrating. This video will show you a number of common mistakes and provide guidance on how to avoid them.

Join code gurus Art Kay, Solutions Architect at Sencha, and Jay Garcia, CTO at Modus Create, and learn how to bring your code to the next level.

The slides from this presentation are at -

Join us for next months webinar: Theming your application with Architect 3. December 12th 9:00am PST

Sencha Touch 2.3 now with iOS7 support, Touch Grid, Cordova support and more!

Learn how easy it is to build mobile applications for any device with HTML5 and Sencha Touch 2.3! In this one-hour webinar, one of Sencha's mobile development experts will show you the power of using Sencha Touch 2.3, and Sencha Touch Grid to build a cross-platform app.

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch Bundle

Sencha Sales Engineer, Daniel Gallo demonstrates how easy it is to build mobile applications for any device with HTML5 and Sencha Touch Bundle. In this one-hour video, he will show you the power of using Sencha Architect, Sencha Touch 2.2, and Sencha Touch Charts to build a cross-platform app, that works on Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10, iOS and Android phones.

Link to the slides:

The project files includes the Sencha Architect project, PHP pages and MySQL database generation scripts to recreate the sample dataset :

Webinar: Faster, Better, Bundle: Get the Inside Scoop on the Latest Sencha Releases

We recently released two key upgrades: Sencha Architect 2.2 and Sencha Ext JS 4.2. On top of that, we’ve made it even easier to get all of our mobile products in the new Sencha Touch Bundle. Join Gil Gordon and Aditya Bansod to get an insider’s overview and hands-on demos of everything faster and better about the new Architect, Ext JS, and Touch Bundle.

Webinar: Navigating the Mobile Application Development Landscape

The mobile application development landscape has gotten very complex. While the differences between native and HTML5 application development have received the most attention, there’s much more to consider -- from your choices between frameworks and development tools, to various packaged and hybrid models.

In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester Research, Inc., VP and principal analyst, Jeffrey Hammond, will lay out a clear topography of your choices, and help you navigate this world by highlighting the key questions you need to consider:

What kind of application do you need to build?
Which mobile devices and platforms are you targeting?
How much can you invest in development cycles?

Sencha Insiders on Ext JS 4.2, Architect 2.2 and Sencha Touch Bundle

Our engineers and product managers talking about the new features they've built for the Ext JS 4.2 and Architect 2.2 releases, and the new Sencha Touch Bundle.

Webinar recording: Theming your app for iOS, Android, WP8 and BB10

Theming Sencha Touch applications is one the major steps in getting an application built and deployed. Teams looking to build custom themes need to consider various theming best practices in addition to thinking about what platforms their application needs to support.


Ryan Collier, Sencha professional service's main UI designer and master themer, will share his insights and best practices so that your Sencha Touch applications look better than ever and scale to various devices.

Robert Dougan, lead developer of Sencha Touch 2, will present his thoughts on how to unlock the power of the new theming system. New features to enable support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10.

Building Unit Tests for Sencha Apps

Everyone knows they're valuable, but writing unit tests for web applications can be a major pain in the butt. Few developers truly understand the many facets of unit testing, and choosing the right tools can be problematic in itself.

In this 60 minute video, Arthur Kay and Mats Bryntse will introduce the following topics and discuss realistic methods for testing your Ext JS or Touch application:

Syntax validation via JSLint
Logical unit tests via Jasmine
UI tests for custom components via Siesta
QA testing via Siesta

Build Powerful Windows Phone 8 Apps with Open Standards and Sencha Tools

This webinar was broadcast on 1-15-2013.

Accelerate your multi-device application development with Sencha Complete

Learn how easy it is to build desktop and mobile applications with Sencha Complete. In this one-hour webinar, Sencha tech expert Chris Dawes will show you the power of using Sencha Architect, Sencha Ext JS, and Sencha Touch by building a multi-device-ready app.