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Healthcare & Fitness

Get in shape, lose weight? Manage your health with a single tap, with Sencha Touch apps.

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Shape Diary Pro, Built with Sencha Touch Shape Diary Pro by Ethan Long

Shape diary is the only app you need to track your weight, waist measurement and lifestyle! It's intuitive, easy to use and it's beautiful to…

Jog with Friends, Built with Sencha Touch Jog with Friends by Sencha Inc.

Jog with Friends is a demo app showing off Facebook integration in Sencha Touch 2.

Take a Chill - Stressed Teens, Built with Sencha Touch Take a Chill - Stressed Teens by Channel Capital, LLC

As a teen, there are moments in your life when you’re really stressed and just need to “Take a Chill.” This app is full of…

Smart Fitness Builder, Built with Sencha Touch Smart Fitness Builder by Steman Bulgaria Ltd.

Smart Fitness Builder (SFB) is developed to serve coaches and athletes who want to create their own unique training in a visual way. Our idea…

Youth Fitness, Built with Sencha Touch Youth Fitness by Steman Bulgaria Ltd.

Youth Fitness is developed with the idea to provide structured methods for working with kids and youth athletes. Every method is upgrade for the method…

Circle of Excellence - Influence with Integrity, Built with Sencha Touch Circle of Excellence - Influence with Integrity by

This app uses a recalled memory of great success to revisit and activate the same brain chemicals created in the original happening. As the mind…

FitFoodDiary, Built with Sencha Touch FitFoodDiary by A FitGeek LLC

Get in shape and be "Fit for life"! This application was created to help users log in there food diary on the go.

PacerCalc, Built with Sencha Touch PacerCalc by SamuraiCode

Built for teachers, this app allows you to calculate BMI, Mile Run, and Pacer times for your student athletes.

Performance, Built with Sencha Touch Performance by

This app is used for performance anxiety or general stress. In less than one minute your attention is gently guided for better focus and awareness.…

Trueskin, Built with Sencha Touch Trueskin by Webcrumbz

Trueskin is a highly specialised chain of skincare and laser clinics offering solutions for all skin conditions and skin types. The mobile web app we've…

commit2Bfit, Built with Sencha Touch commit2Bfit by North 51 is an online weight loss plan that has been developed by the NHS in Birmingham (UK) specifically for men. The 12 week interactive online…

Berlin Vegan Guide, Built with Sencha Touch Berlin Vegan Guide by BerlinVegan

With the "Berlin Vegan Guide", you've got quick access to an overview of the vegan food and shopping possibilities in Berlin (Germany), even while you're…

ARunningLife, Built with Sencha Touch ARunningLife by MindsIview

A Running Life Daily Running Journal. This handy little app allows you to capture and store data about each run.

Sencha Touch works on the most popular mobile devices representing more than 90% of the smartphone market, including BlackBerry OS 6, Android, and Apple iOS.

Built with Sencha Touch.

Sencha Touch is the leading HTML5 mobile framework. It allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on Apple iPhone, Google Android, and BlackBerry touch devices.

Sencha Touch is completely free to use, though we do have professional support and training available for you and your team.

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