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Turn your mobile device from mere gadget to resourceful tool with these amazing utilities apps built with Sencha Touch.

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eCart - Shopping List, Built with Sencha Touch eCart - Shopping List by YourEasyApps

Your visual shopping lists in the cloud! Anywhere, anytime. This app lets you create visual shopping list with beautiful images.

GoSquared, Built with Sencha Touch GoSquared by GoSquared

GoSquared help you visualize the people viewing, converting and dropping off your site right now so you can improve your site faster. GoSquared works on…

PacerCalc, Built with Sencha Touch PacerCalc by SamuraiCode

Built for teachers, this app allows you to calculate BMI, Mile Run, and Pacer times for your student athletes.

Airport Car Rental, Built with Sencha Touch Airport Car Rental by Car Rental Republic

Just landed in town? Need a rental car? Download the Airport Car Rental app and get hundreds of car rental options right at your fingertips.…

iWakeApp, Built with Sencha Touch iWakeApp by Yury Bogomolsky

Now you can find apps in Apple's App store. Unlike iTunes search, iWakeApp allows you to find apps in many different ways. You can even…

FlipClock—Designer’s Choice, Built with Sencha Touch FlipClock—Designer’s Choice by headkit-games

With FlipClock you have chosen a different way to experience current time: Relaxed and elaborate it tells you the time like a friend would do.…

Swissportail for Mobile, Built with Sencha Touch Swissportail for Mobile by HIM Swiss-Internet SA

Combining the power of, a directory site with over 400 business listings, with the GPS capabilities of your mobile device, to get you in…

Telecom SAT, Built with Sencha Touch Telecom SAT by Wialus Solutions Limited

The Broadband Service Availability Tool (SAT) gives New Zealanders a more complete picture of the broadband technology available at a particular address in NZ. The…

CarSense, Built with Sencha Touch CarSense by Nimblelight

CarSense is one of the Northeast's leading used car brands. Nimblelight built a mobile version of CarSense's extensive online vehicle inventory for visitors to browse…

Convert It, Built with Sencha Touch Convert It by Pronic, Meselina Ponikvar Verhovsek s.p.

Convert It is an unit converter for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ that can manage conversions between 63 unit in 7 areas. Special edition for BlackBerry® Torch™ has…

SpotAgent, Built with Sencha Touch SpotAgent by CodeTick

Ever have a hard time figuring out restrictions on parking in a particular area? Want to find that un-metered parking spot just around the corner?…

TravelMate, Built with Sencha Touch TravelMate by

TravelMate is a handy mobile web app that translates or converts different languages and monetary values. This is a must have app for those struggling…, Built with Sencha Touch by Stuart Ashworth, Andrew Duncan

Bring with you when searching for real estate on the go. Search for real estate by postal code, town/city name, or use geolocation on…

touchNOC, Built with Sencha Touch touchNOC by Andrei Tchijov

An experimental app for server administrators to keep track of server stats remotely.

Evolution, Built with Sencha Touch Evolution by Bruno Bergher

Chart your numerically ordered endeavors using a simple form input. Features an attractive custom theme.

Sencha Touch works on the most popular mobile devices representing more than 90% of the smartphone market, including BlackBerry OS 6, Android, and Apple iOS.

Built with Sencha Touch.

Sencha Touch is the leading HTML5 mobile framework. It allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on Apple iPhone, Google Android, and BlackBerry touch devices.

Sencha Touch is completely free to use, though we do have professional support and training available for you and your team.

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