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Announcing the Sencha Architect 3 Release Candidate

October 30, 2013 | Gil Gordon

Architect 3.0 RC1For those of you anxiously awaiting the upcoming release of Sencha Architect 3, we’ve posted a new Release Candidate today for you to download.

As you may recall, back in July we showed a limited preview of Architect 3 at SenchaCon 2013. Shortly after that, in August, we made it publicly available. That version included early implementations of new key features like User Extensions, Theming, and Starter App Templates. We have updated these features in the Release Candidate, and added a couple more like Code-Completion and Sencha Cmd 4 integration. They’re all ready now for you to try out.

In the meantime, work continues on the GA version of Sencha Architect 3, which we know you’re going to love. Please download the latest build and keep the feedback coming. We rely on your feedback to help us make this product the best visual HTML5 app builder in the market.

Download Sencha Architect 3

There are 11 responses. Add yours.

Lisa Montgomery

1 year ago

Thank you! Awesome tool! Love it!!!

sencha user

1 year ago

The linux x64 download link is broken as of 15.56 cst.

Gil Gordon Sencha Employee

1 year ago

Fixed the linux x64 link. Thanks.

Ciprian Borodescu

1 year ago

Does it support profiles? If not, when do you guys think that will be supported?

Diego Tello

1 year ago

I’m trying to use it on windows 8 and i can’t sign in, i get the “A communication error has ocurred” message.

Aaron Conran Sencha Employee

1 year ago

@Ciprian Borodescu No. I don’t have a timeline but it is something that we would like to add at some point.

@Diego Tello Are you connecting through any special network conditions? Proxy? VPN? etc? Open up a ticket on the Sencha Architect 3 bug forums w/ additional details and we’ll try to help you out with it.

Jeff Colyer

1 year ago

Are we able to use this for production applications?

Aaron Conran Sencha Employee

1 year ago

@Jeff Colyer - The GA/Final release will be the first 3.0 release intended for production use.


1 year ago

where are the RELEASE NOTES of this new version?

Phil Merrell

1 year ago

Will the final version be a free upgrade for Architect 2 purchasers?

Gil Gordon Sencha Employee

1 year ago

@diego, the Architect 3 docs are here:!/guide inclu,ding a changelog!/guide/changelog and a “What’s New” guide:!/guide/whats_new_3_0_arch Note .there are still lots of edits being made to the docs.

@Phil Merrell, Architect 3 is a free upgrade for those who purchased Architect 2 after July 16, 2013 which is when we announced Architect 3. It is also a free upgrade for owners of our bundles that include maintenance: Sencha Complete and the Touch Bundle. For other Architect 2 users we will offer discounts to upgrade either to Sencha Architect 3 or to the Sencha Complete bundle.

Fabian Diehl

1 year ago

Do you guys already have a release date in mind? I’m a bit worrying because we upgraded almost all our apps to Architect 3.0 RC1 and there are just 8 days of trial left :/

Do I understand correctly the upgrade is free to Complete Users like I am? If not I need a responsive person for “pre-upgrading” because we have to fulfill a process which takes some days to get cash for investments…

Kind regards

Tom Coulton

1 year ago


We’ve translated this blog article into Japanese here:

This is the Sencha Japan User Group:

Gil Gordon

1 year ago

@Fabian Diehl - We will extend any Architect 3 trial that expire before we release. Architect will not initially notice the trial extension, but if you re-enter your user information you will see the extension.

And yes, folks who own Sencha Complete or the Touch Bundle get our support package which includes a year of free upgrades.

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