Sencha Animator 1.2 Now Available

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Sencha Animator 1.2! This new update brings improvements and tweaks across the board based in part on the valuable feedback from our user forums.

Download Sencha Animator 1.2

Let’s take a look at what’s new in this latest release.

### New interactivity options

To help you create an even richer experience for your end users, we enhanced the interactivity options in Animator by adding:

#### Touch events

Animator now provides touch events alongside the previously available mouse events, to unlock a wider set of interactions on mobile devices.

New interactivity options

New interactivity options in Sencha Animator 1.2.

#### Edit JavaScript in an external editor

To make things easier for people that like to use their code editor of choice, it is now possible to launch an external application to edit JavaScript code directly from Animator.

#### Improved export

We keep discovering new and surprising ways in which our customers use Animator to create the most incredible things, from games to ads. It’s hard to predict exactly what you will be using our export for, so to make it even more flexible and useful, Animator 1.2 includes these new capabilities:

Animator now exports the new standards-track CSS3 gradient syntax (which fixes a Firefox bug), but the old syntax is still available for projects targeting webkit-based browsers.

New gradient editor

New gradient editor in Sencha Animator 1.2.

The export options have been refined: we have added the ability to prettify and minify the HTML export and to export individual scenes from a project that contains more than one.

In order to meet the needs of customers doing heavy post processing on generated code, scene duration is now an explicit value. A few other tweaks have been made in order to make the output more readable and predictable. Also, Scenes can now have a CSS ID assigned to them.

#### UX Tweaks

When it comes to user experience, the Tools team at Sencha is committed to creating the best possible experience, and that means constantly improving and refining the Animator UI. In this release we made a few changes to make your work inside Animator even more pleasant and productive.

We improved the way animation segments are handled in the timeline, so it’s no longer possible to drag and drop one cluster of keyframes inside another. This was leading to unpredictable results.

The stage area received a lot of attention: we now have pixel markers (every 50px when at 100% zoom) to make it easier to visually size and align objects. We also tweaked how guides are created, so you can now create a vertical and an horizontal guide at the same time by dragging from the rulers’ intersection. Rotating a selected object is also much easier: there is a new rotation handle that removes the need to use the property panel.

Creating two guides simultaneously

Creating two guides simultaneously in Sencha Animator 1.2.

The object tree now retains state when navigating between scenes, and a scene’s minimum length can now be set numerically in the property panel.

Imported images can be refreshed project-wide, so if you edit assets in an external application, it’s quicker to see the changes reflected in your project.

Performance and responsiveness are important to the user experience of any application: in this release Animator can export large projects more quickly. Various widgets and the property panels were tweaked to be more responsive to user’s input, and the new version of our runtime should produce a slight increase in performance across the board.

### What’s next

We hope you’ll like the improvements we made to this latest release of Animator, and stay tuned for more improvements in the near future.

For now go ahead and update to the new version. Since this new version contains significant updates to our runtime, automatic updates will prompt you to download a new Animator installer. You can also [download the installer from our site]( and simply replace the old version with the new one.


  1. Bob Obringer says

    I agree. That theme is HOT. AND, its a great starting point for touch as well. This could create a really nice unified interface for full Ext and Sencha apps.

  2. Steven says

    Wow, this theme should really be made available for ExtJS! Love it, looks a lot more usable than the current WinXP-Style of Ext!

  3. says

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