New Sencha Animator 1.3 and Summer Discount

###Our biggest update to date

The Animator team is proud to announce the release of Sencha Animator 1.3! This is our biggest feature release so far with over 40+ new features and upgrades. Now it is even easier to create cutting-edge CSS3 animations and interactive designs.

You can download Sencha Animator from our


###What’s New


Some of the new timeline’s selection and interaction features.
The timeline is the centerpiece of Sencha Animator’s interface and in version 1.3 it has received a major overhaul with many new features as well as performance enhancements. It’s now possible to manipulate keyframes in many new ways. You can select multiple keyframes at the same time, copy them or paste them, scale entire animation segments or add a new intermediate keyframe while Animator interpolates the values for you.

The new version of the timeline is a great productivity boost and much more pleasant to work with; we are sure you will like it too!


Dealing with animations can be a complex task, and for this reason we implemented several workflow changes in Sencha Animator: there’s a more obvious separation between the base state and keyframes, more intelligent default behaviors such as creating interpolated keyframes rather than direct copies, and we added a recording mode for easy keyframe creation. To top it all, we improved the navigation between keyframes as well as many other tweaks to make your time with Animator more pleasant.


It is much easier now to embed your project into an existing webpage using our new “Export for Embedding” option. This option will export your project both as html and JSON with a SDK that lets you embed your project directly in a page or via an iframe.

In a [previous blog post](, we described how to use Sencha Animator to export to Apple’s iBooks Author. The iBooks Author widget format is now an export option in Animator, making it simpler to create and embed beautiful interactive animations for your books.

Here are a couple of new demos to illustrate our new export options.

####Project Resources

iBook project files.
Piston project files

####Asset Panel

To help you manage the assets attached to your projects we added an asset manager in the Library panel. With the asset manager you can easily add, replace, preview and delete assets. The asset folder in the project is now watched in real time, and will update the project automatically if you make changes such as editing an image.

New Assets Panel


The code editor now features auto completion with built-in support for the Animator export SDK as well as the ORMMA/MRAID interface. The autocompletion can easily be extended to support a custom API through the use of JSON based configuration files.

code auto completion

####A few more things…

In this post we highlighted a few key new features, but Animator 1.3 contains a long list of other new features and improvements. A few other neat things we’ve added in this release:

– Third-party JS and CSS support
– Copy objects as CSS
– iFrame embedding
– Android mode
– Keyframe snapping
– Objects CSS class support
– Better custom JS storage
– and much more (see full [changelog](!/guide/changelog))

###Get Sencha Animator 1.3

Sencha Animator 1.3 is our biggest feature release so far, with an enormous list of productivity and workflow enhancements as well as a general improvements over its already attractive look and feel.

Summer is a great time to relax, have fun and learn new skills, so for a limited time Animator will be priced at $99, with discounts available for 5 and 20 packs. You can buy Sencha Animator from our [store]( A free [30-day trial]( is available to new users.

For more information you can also take a look at our [updated documentation](!/guide).


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    New Sencha Animator 1.3 is really very useful tool. I have found it very special and the very best for CSS support. Thanks for included summer discount offer. Keep it up! :)

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