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Sencha On The Road: Mobile World Congress

February 15, 2011 | James Pearce

Mobile World CongressFebruary is a big month in the mobile industry, when one of its premier events, the Mobile World Congress, takes place in Barcelona.

The event (known universally as ‘MWC’) is a vast congregation of the world’s network carriers, infrastructure vendors and device manufacturers. The industry converges on the beautiful Catalan city for four days every year, showing its wares, presenting its strategies, and doing business.

App PlanetBut it’s interesting to note how, every year, the percentage of content-, app- and web-centric companies in attendance rises too. 2011 has been no exception. This year, an entire hall of the conference’s floorspace is named ‘App Planet’, and focuses on just these topics. There’s no doubt that MWC has evolved – as mobile itself has – from being a pure ‘telecoms’ affair to one representing a whole ecosystem of media, content and software companies.

With this in mind, Sencha is reporting to you live from Spain. We’re meeting with a range of companies throughout the week, as part of our community outreach to meet with developers who are working in the mobile arena – as well as carriers, browser manufacturers and so on – and to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the world of mobile web and mobile apps.

WP7Day one of the event is always the liveliest in terms of announcements, but a little of the thunder was stolen by Nokia’s announcement last week that they are teaming up with Microsoft to use Windows Phone 7 on their high-end handsets. This is of course very significant, as Nokia has a huge handset market share outside North America. The important news is that Steve Ballmer (Microsoft’s CEO) announced in his keynote session that Internet Explorer 9, the company’s HTML5-supporting browser on the PC, will be brought to the Windows Phone 7 platform later this year – with hardware acceleration. This is a very good thing, and we’ll be talking more about our Nokia/Windows strategy very soon.

Also there’s no doubt that 2011 will be a big year for tablet devices, and the conference has seen a number of devices released or announced from a range of manufacturers. Again, the good news for Sencha fans is that the tablet is the first category of device on which you’ll find only HTML5-compatible browsers.

WACWe also spent time today at the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) sessions. This is an industry group (of carriers and manufacturers) committed to making it easy for developers to deploy web-based applications to app stores around the world, as well as to utilize underlying device APIs through JavaScript. For developers looking to wrap and deploy Sencha Touch applications to carrier app stores, this will continue to be an initiative to watch.

WIPLater in the week, we’re proud to be sponsoring and attending two Wireless Industry Partnership events: the Carnival of Nations Party, and the famous WIPJam event. Please come down to either event and talk mobile HTML5 with us.

Mobile World Congress, of course, is just one of many events that we’re attending and speaking at this year, and we’ll be on the road most months. One of the things you might have noticed about our new web site is that we have a dedicated list of them, so you can see our plans well in advance. Going to any of these? Come and say hello!

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Shao-Ning Zeng

4 years ago

nice post, nice congress

John Maas

4 years ago

Thank you for SenchaTouch, your webinars, and knowing that Barcelona is a Catalan city. That knowledge is rare in the English speaking world.  Let your fellow conference attendees know it too.

Symbian OS

4 years ago

The rise in the number of attendees only signifies that mobile technology is rapidly growing and shared to everyone. The merging of Nokia-Microsoft smartphone alliance is really an interesting subject. I’m going to be waiting soon on your article for that.


4 years ago

I think the Windows Phone 7 will be never so good as iOS, look at all microsoft products, their are to slow.


4 years ago

I think Windows Phone 7 is where it’s at, I think this phone will be a big hit for 2011.  I like the feature of being able to see my Xbox Live account and games played is really neat!

Custom Circuit Boards

4 years ago

Great post.. I also think that the windows 7 phone is going to eventually really kick ass..

Golf Barcelona

4 years ago

The Mobile World Congress is held in February of this year. People are eager to see the highlight of this congress after the baptism from Consumer Electronic Show. I will list some points in my article below.

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