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September 19, 2011 | Aditya Bansod Sync Open Beta We’ve got two exciting pieces of news to share with you today! First of all, the Sync beta is now open to the public. We’ve posted details on how to get started in the Sencha Touch forums. In the forum you’ll find all the information you need including our Getting Started guide which gives you an overview of how to use the service.

View details about Sync beta

We’ll be posting more details and documentation in the newsletter and on the blog in the next week, but the documentation in the forum should get you up and running.

And the second piece of news is we’re extending the deadline for submissions for the Sencha App Contest. We’ve taken longer than we expected to open up the Sync beta to the wider community, so we’re pushing out the first deadline to September 30th, 2011 (noon PST). Now that Sync is available for public beta, we hope more contestants have a chance to integrate Sync functionality in to their projects if they want.

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4 years ago

Woot! I was waiting for this one. Congrats guys, very promising—

Tufan Bar?? YILDIRIM

4 years ago

Great work!

Khanh Tran

4 years ago

Awesome! Just a question. If I build desktop apps use ExtJS 4, could I use Sync? In theory, I think I can do that, just include Sencha Touch storage to ExtJS 4. What do you think?

Aditya Bansod Sencha Employee

4 years ago

@Khanh—it’s in the roadmap, just not yet.

Nash@blackberry developers

4 years ago

Already waiting for September 30th. Congratulations on beta release.


3 years ago

Will the top 10 be revealed before October 15th?

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