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Mobile Camp Chicago

Mobile Camp Chicago
May 3rd, 2014

Event Description

You Can’t Just Shrink It.

Mobile Camp Chicago dedicates a full day to bring together Designers, Developers, and anyone else who is interested in leveling-up their mobile skills.

It’s more than smaller screens. Come learn with us!

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Arthur Kay, Developer Relations Manager at Sencha
Building Mobile Apps with HTML5
HTML5 and web technologies have transformed the browser into a first-class application platform. Sencha gives developers the best combination of technology, tools, and support for developing powerful desktop and mobile apps based on HTML5.
In this session, we will introduce Sencha Touch and Sencha Architect and explain how they rapidly create mobile web applications using pure HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Date: May 3rd, 2014
Harrington College of Design
200 W. Madison St
Chicago IL 60606
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Link http://2014.mobilecampchicago.com/
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