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  1. desktop updater
  2. Feeling stupid
  3. Do Mac/Windows/Linux versions need separate licenses?
  4. Specify URL for services?
  5. White Flash Issue
  6. OS API growth
  7. examples > PackagingTool > PackagingTool.xda cannot be opened with Architect 2.1
  8. Submitting SDP Bugs and Feature Requests on Forums
  9. [FREQ] Audio Manager
  10. [FIXED] [FREQ] Support persistent non-session cookies
  11. [OPEN] [FREQ] Enable browser history to support history based navigation
  12. [OPEN] [FREQ] Set the default background color (including alpha channel) of the content area
  13. [OPEN] [FREQ] Window events
  14. [FREQ] Multi Window communication
  15. [OPEN] [FREQ] Tabbed windows
  16. [OPEN] [FREQ] OS app icon contextual menu options - dock/taskbar
  17. [OPEN] [FREQ] App package version update
  18. [OPEN] [FREQ] Multiple instance of same app on Linux & Windows
  19. Automatic updating applications
  20. [OPEN] [BUG] Keyboard disabled with window.type as splashscreen
  21. Terrific Job
  22. [OPEN] [FREQ] disable fullscreen/resize; support minimize to tray on Windows
  23. [OPEN] [FREQ] App Icon not showin in windows file explorer - embed in .exe
  24. [OPEN] [BUG] PDF links cause application crash?
  25. How to get an activation code for Desktop Packager evaluation license?
  26. Multiwindow
  27. [OPEN] [FREQ] speech to text
  28. Question - download file to predefined location
  29. [OPEN] [BUG] Generated program crashed on OS X
  30. [BUG] Where is the cache files for OS X?
  31. [BUG] Path broken with location.href or iframe
  32. [FIXED] [BUG] Crash on download
  33. [NOREPRO] Initial window open at the lower left corner on OS X
  34. WebSockets
  35. Multi Page Application / Workspace
  36. Release cycle of Desktop Packager
  37. [OPEN] Shared lib problems on Fedora 18
  38. [OPEN] OS X crashes when a system-wide auto-config (pac) proxy is configured
  39. AJAX or Webservices call from Desktop packaged application
  40. Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function
  41. [OPEN] Flash Player support
  42. [OPEN] Desktop Packager for Touch? Override UserAgent value.
  43. new release
  44. Sqlite proxy?
  45. Sencha EXTJS with Desktop Packager or Flex with Adobe Air
  46. writing file from binary string problem
  47. Tear off using EXTJs and using Sencha packager
  48. Capturing arguments passed when the application is invoked a 2nd time
  49. desktop package,could the product support NPAPI plugin?
  50. Does Desktop Packager still expose a REST API?
  51. is it possible to use app as windows service ?
  52. Open File Problem
  53. Targeting Mac Apple Store - Sencha Desktop/ExtJS/NodeJS
  54. Supported Video Playback
  55. App stability and remote debugging - edit application
  56. Reg supported video format ...
  57. Desktop Publisher and HTML5
  58. Bypassing Print Dialog
  59. Support for Node.js modules in Dekstop Packager?
  60. Media format support in Desktop Packager apps
  61. [BUG] Packaged App runs very slowly
  62. Create your first app: Menu error
  63. Activate
  64. Build mac version with windows
  65. Sound and Video
  66. Hide window border And show Irregular shapes
  67. Desktop Packager License Question - One License - Three Platforms?
  68. [OPEN] Webcam / webkitGetUserMedia support
  69. Drag and drop file to the main window
  70. Current app main window's position and size?
  71. copy/cut/paste menu on mouse right click
  72. Real Fullscreen
  73. Screenreader support for Desktop Packager
  74. Beta GWT Support for Ion APIs
  75. Chrome API support
  76. HTML video tag not working in sencha desktop?
  77. window.open not working?
  78. Crash on packaging from Mac
  79. Can't find any resource on Deploying Sencha Touch 2 using Wndows PC
  80. Running application off of a network location
  81. [OPEN] Print option in desktop app
  82. Performances when loading remote ressources
  83. remote debugging new windows
  84. Desktop Packager with MySQL example
  85. Sencha Desktop Packager App Freezes on window open on Windows
  86. Zoom features
  87. Desktop Packager not mentioned in Sencha products any more?
  88. Transition plan & alternatives now that Desktop Packager is discontinued?
  89. Is it possible to know the Application path?